AUTOCOM’s CDP+ is an advanced diagnostic tool



AUTOCOM’s CDP+ is an advanced diagnostic tool with many built-in security features that provide workshops and vehicle inspection companies the possibility of a faster and more reliable diagnosis.

OBD2 Scanner Autocom cdp plus now is the perfect most recent version applications on your behalf together with linking expense purchased at cnautotool hold, and then month this article will have a relatively 7-day fun day meant for Indigenous Working day for China and tiawan, here are a few should purchase your handmade jewelry as many as 1000usd you will definitely get various supprice, the main Autocom cdp plus popular a tad bit more desktop computers, and will eventually get better expense.

In the passed days, customers can only choose new cdp+ with flight recorder or bluetooth autocom, if they need 2 functions, they need order 2 devices together. While now Autocom Bluetooth flight recorder combined the features functions of new cdp+ with flight recorder and bluetooth autocom in 1 device, customers only need buy 1 Bluetooth flight recorder AUTOCOM CDP PLUS then can enjoy 2 functions.

CDP Pro (Compact Diagnostic Partner Pro) Autocom is the user-friendly wireless multi-brand diagnostic tool. Together whit a Pocket PC (handheld) or PC it makes a powerful professional tool for the independent workshop. You can perform serial diagnose, read and erase fault code, basic settings, programming and perform service reset. Software version is 2014-02.

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