Month: February 2022

BMW coding, BMW code, BMW NCSExpert, how to code a DME engine

BMW coding, BMW code, BMW NCSExpert, how to code a DME engine 1.Connect BMW car,Reserve IP address( need use BMW ICOM NEXT) 2. Select Exper mode 3.Enter ZCS 4. Select model series; 5. Establish communication via CAS; 6.Back; 7. Choose ECU, DME=8MOT(Engine ECU) 8. Select Execute job, coding finished(If not

JPRO professional heavy duty truck scan tool test

JPRO Professional heavy duty truck scan tool is an easy to use diagnostic tool that can help you establish the possible problem. You will be surprised how this scan tool goes more in-depth and takes diagnosis to the next level. 1. JPRO Professional overview It is a simple yet most

How to install GM Tech2Win software for PLC

This is a step by step guide where you can learn how to install for GM Tech2. Before doing that, you should guarantee you have already completed the registration and subscription requirements. Let’ s start at the AC delco TDS login screen, accept the terms and conditions scroll, click “accept”

This is how you switch the Porsche Piwis Tester 3 to Engineer Mode

This post will guide on how to switch the Porsche Piwis Tester 3 to Engineer Mode. Go to the home page and select “System” Enter the system homepage, click “diagnostics configuration for 991, 981, 970, Cayenne form MY11, Macan”. loading… Finish loading, select “Mode”. Select “operating mode”, choose “E”, then

How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software

This instruction show you the procedure on how to install Volkswagen ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 software. Procedures: Newest ODIS-E Engineering 12.1.1 & 9.0.4 Free Download (need paid version installer files) ODIS-E 12.1.0 Installation Procedures: Before Installation Disable/exit your anti-virus software,please diable your Windows 10 Defender Extract rar or zip files Step 1:

How to tell Launch X431 Diagun IV from Launch X431 V 8.0 inch

Launch X431 V8.0 inch tablet and new Diagun IV which is a better OBD diagnostic scan tool to choose from? Check the detail table comparison below: Launch X431 Diagun IV vs. Launch X431 V 8.0 inch In conclusion: The major difference between X431 V and Diagun IV lies in: 1.

Cummins Inline 7 or Nexiq USB Link 2?

If you are going to buy a adapter for Cummins but you are confused between Inline 7 and NEXIQ USB Link 2. This article summarizes some other people’s purchase experience and suggestions, which can be used for your reference. Here we go.  From Mikeservice: Nothing different other than inline comes

How to set up Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 on Win XP

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to install Mitchell OnDemand5 v5.8.2 2013 repair software on Windows XP system. Highlight of using Mitchell OnDemand5: Mitchell uses the latest in compression technology, giving you all the data available to spare less time to fix the vehicles in your shop on fewer

How to Register for Autel MaxiSys CV ?

Autel MaxiSys CV is built on the powerful MaxiSys 908 platform and provides a comprehensive disgnostic solution for virtually all commercial vehicles as well as machines made in North America, Europe and Asia. How to register for Autel MaxiSys CV ? In order to get access to the Support platform