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Odis service 7.2.1 latest software installation activate Vas5054 6154, PassThru, WIN 10 64 bit

Here I show how to install Odis service 7.2.1 software for Volkswagen Group vehicles. I tried to make this installation process as simple as possible. Installing the Odis software is very easy, just follow some simple steps shown below.

VAS5054A/VAS6154 ODIS 6.10 Software Download

VAS5054A/VAS 6154 ODIS Software newly update to V6.10. ODIS-6.10-SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD ODIS 6.10 Download Link: Password:q183lh ODIS-6.10 ODIS 6.10 Software Update Features: Supproted Vechiles : -All AUDI vehicles -All Volkswagen -All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge vehicles -All Seat -All Skoda -All Bentley -The following Lamborghini vehicles are supported: Gallardo from MY09-MY14 (only immobilizer

Vas5054a and vas 6154, which VAG diagnostic tool to choose?

vas5054a is the popular OBD2 diagnostic and programming tool for VAG vehicles. vas6154 is Chinese company’s OEM VAG diagnostic tool. vas 5054a vas 6154 has a similar look and functions. Some customers are wondering which VAG diagnostic tool to choose, vas5054a oem or vas 6154? vas5054a vas 5054a obd2 vag

How to flash the gearbox computer after ODIS Engineering replacement for VW PASSAT

This guide will show you how to flash the gearbox computer after it has been replaced on VW Passt via ODIS Engineering. Preparation: Newest ODIS-E Engineering 12.1.1 & 9.0.4 Free Download How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software Steps Before replace new computer, Connect vehicle and ODIS Engineering, then running

How to redeem the expired VAS 6154 interfaces license

VAS6154 interface is a dealer lever diagnostic tool for VAG group vehicles , comes with OKI chips , supports diagnosis, online/offline programming. Support all VW, Audi, Skoda erc. including NEW & FUTURE MODElS under production, WIFI and USB connection. VAS6154 Interface Overview 1. Multi-language (CD Software): English, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian,

How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software

This instruction show you the procedure on how to install Volkswagen ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 software. Procedures: Newest ODIS-E Engineering 12.1.1 & 9.0.4 Free Download (need paid version installer files) ODIS-E 12.1.0 Installation Procedures: Before Installation Disable/exit your anti-virus software,please diable your Windows 10 Defender Extract rar or zip files Step 1:


The newest ODIS software has been updated to V5.26 which works with VAS 6154 and VAS5054A on Win 7 & Win 10 32 bit/64 bit. What’s new in ODIS 5.26? (1)ODIS Software Version: 5.26 for Full Brand till 2019.12 (also includes 5.16 for each brand till 2019.8) (2)ETKA: 8.0 (2018.11)

VAS 6154 ODIS 4.3.3 Software Error “ODS6501E” Solution

How to solve the error “ODS6501E” & “Unable to store workbench state” when activate VAS 6154 ODIS 4.3.3 software as shown in the figure? vas6154 vas6154 software vas 6154 manual vas6154 repair Solution offered by engineer: There is something wrong with the software, please free download the latest software

VAS 6154 VAS 5054A VW ODIS V4.1.3 ODIS Diagnose Software Free Download

ODIS diagnose software VW ODIS support diagnose and programming online of audi/vw/skoda/seat.ODIS diagnose software have newly update to V4.1.3 share you ODIS diagnosit VW ODIS V4.1.3 software free download for VAS 6154 and vas 5054A. VAS 6154 VW Diagnose V4.1.3 VW ODIS Software Free Download Free download VAG VW

How to change the transmission computer part number through ODIS-Engineering

This instruction will guide you on the way to change gearbox computer part number via ODIS-Engineering on AUDI A7DSG. Preparation: Newest ODIS-E Engineering 12.1.1 & 9.0.4 Free Download How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software Note: For engine computer number changing Computer’s number of different displacement engines cannot be changed