EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC

This tough and rugged tablet PC is designed to use especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services. We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares.  You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.

Autodiagnosticobd offer EVG7 Tablet PC – White / Black / DDR 2GB / 4GB / 8GB. You can choose one which you need.EVG7 DL46/HDD500GB/DDR4GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC,Especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services.Full-compatible for vehicle diagnostic devices software.4GB Memory, one year warranty, two color( black and white) available for choose.You can choose it for icom or mb star c4.

Launch X-431 Diagun is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians specially designed by Launch company. It’s  with compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. Its featuers are smart design, portable, full color touch sreen, easy to operate, supporting multiple languages and wide-range use.Also wireless connection and data communication are realized by Bluetooth and easy to operate.

Benz compact 4 SD-Connect is a latest Benz wireless multiplexer. It will connect to the PC by wireless connection.The biggest difference, i think, is connection wiring mode, Mercedes star C3 need 232 port, but C4 can be used with network port, even wireless.Also, the price C3 and C4 is very different, now C3 is the half price fo C4 as far as I know. could you some guys add more infos? i want to know more, thanks.

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