Launch X-431 Diagun Product character

Launch X-431 Diagun Product character :
1. Compact main unit —Standard equipment for technicians
2. The only diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time
3. Bluetooth technology, wireless communication. 100 m bluetooth communication,Cable communication support
4. Universal 16PIN connector
5. Fully inherited diagnostic functions from X-431. Capable of nearly all domestic vehicle makes and Asian, European, American vehicle makes.
6. Greatly improved program running speed
7. More convenient software update
8. 4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen
9. 1530mAh Rechargeable battary
10. 1G memory card
11. Standard USB printer connector, external printer support
12. Full after sales service system, life time 1 to 1 service

Many people on the internet all said the MB Star C3, C4 software is the same, C4 whit SD CONNECT also with this software, and for the hardware, C3,C4 is same function in diagnosing. For mercedes Benz, C3 and C4 also can do work, in my opnion, C4 work with all the benz and more than C3, but C3 can do benz truck very well, this is advantage for c3.C4 is much stronger in anti-interrupting ability, when C4 tests cars, it’s hard to influence by the environmenr outside, such as magnetic field,noise. C4 is much smaller in the appearance than C3.

EVG7 Tablet PC is EVG7 DL46 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC. Touch screen EVG7 Tablet PC full compatible for all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares. EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC can work with car obd2 diagnostic scanner. Here recommend EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC for you.

It is therefore a relief to most drivers when they find out that their OBD interface WiFi iPhone can read their vehicle’s MPG, provide real time Benz star c3 information on the engine’s performance, provide entry logs on a specified time lapse, and translate the diagnostic trouble codes. These features allow the most basic individual when it comes to car matters to completely get an understanding of what exactly is happening in their vehicle.

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