Are there any extra capabilities for the X431 Pad?

This innovative piece of kit is designed for professionals, and is made to be flexible to suit different diagnosticians’ needs PAD X-431 . Optional modules available for the Pad expand on its capabilities and include a four-channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis, a sensor tester and simulator, a battery test with print-out, and a bore scope.

This tough and rugged EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC is designed to use especially in the environment of vehicle repairing garage services. We installed and tested all kind of automotive, truck and bus diagnostic softwares.  You can install and run all diagnostic softwares without any alert and error.

Best Mercedes star C3 Pro Features:
1. From 1989 to now, cars, buses, trucks, Sprint, Smart;
2. All electrical diagnostic systems (Do not include flash code)
3.Lecture trouble code
4. Clear trouble code
5.Données live
6. Adaptation
7. component Testes
9. Consultation Information
10.component chart location
11.Ecrire chart

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