To use a Tech 2 scan tool require a minimum 32 MB memory card

To use a GM Tech 2 Scan Tool in this day and age, 90% of all software packages GM offers require a minimum 32 MB memory card.  A 10 MB card, although very useful for backup, data logging and flash programing, is useless for diagnostic programing for North American Operations (NAO), Saab, Isuzu, Suzuki and pretty much any of the other available software packages Tech 2 offers.

Here, will make a comparison between CK-100 and new CK-200 key programmer. So I decided to compare the two car key programming tools in several crucial categories. What vehicles and model years do it a support is a critical factor when choosing car key programmer. New CK-200 Car Key Programmer will works with a lot of cars before 2014 and some built till September,  old CK100 key programmer just works with cars built till 2013 and some models till 2014 year. CK-200 programmer added Pin Code reading service and RFID copier adapter, Increase much more features and functions

My concern though is this: Considering that I don’t choose to just take it back again to your dealership who could not determine that out, or a local garage that don’t have the tools to reprogram it, will this Tech 2 scanner reprogram my ECM or TCM? In that case, then you definately possess a customer. Our Tech2 has that functionality. Nonetheless it calls for that your DRL is controled from the European, it’s not controled because of the Eu, after which you can the Tech2 are not able to change it.

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