Is this a ‘real’ deal on a NEXIQ USB-Link?

So you found a great deal on a NEXIQ Technologies 125032 USB-Link from China. Sounds great! Hey that $50 savings is a steak dinner, so what if the product has a 3-4 week delivery, if it’s $50 off the deal.  While you are ordering the USB-Link go ahead and grab yourself a Rolex watch. It’s even a better deal!

You might laugh at the Rolex comment but the similarities are frightening. When you receive the products, lay the watch and USB-Link out side by side. From a few feet away it looks like you made a great buy. Step closer and that knot will start to tighten in your stomach. You’ll soon realize that maybe this was not a good idea. When you start to really look at the units you will see that the little hands are really just printed on the Rolex face. Now look at your USB-Link and the three led’s that are on the non-U.S. manufactured USB-Link are printed on the sticker.

When you purchase a Heavy Duty Diagnostic NEXIQ USB-Link you can rest assured that NEXIQ is working closely with each of the OEM’s to make certain that your purchase will be able to run operate all the OEM software and have the proper connector and communications with the truck.

Kind of like the Rolex, you don’t want to know what is inside the fake USB-Link from China. It might work, it may not work, and it may destroy the customers ECM. Hey, but you saved $50? We can guarantee that when you need new drivers for the next OEM software update that the China built NEXIQ USB Link will not work with the driver updates.

Don’t get ripped off!  Purchase your NEXIQ USB Link from an authorized dealer.

On a final note if you want to save $50 off retail on a Rolex, I have a fake one that was given to me as a gag gift that I am willing to let go.

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