Free download Mercedes Benz Adblue Emulator

When we use cool MB star, in DAS, it needs to account FDOK/VeDoc encrypted accidental numbers for programming adequate parameters, but the supplier does not action us the accidental number, accordingly we allegation one Adblue Emulator. Again area are we traveling to get FDOK calculator? Chargeless download from google? Or buy one? I am abiding you adopt chargeless download one to pay one. Well, do you accept there is chargeless lunch? I believe.

Great account to allotment with you, at China auto analytic apparatus center, to buy one Cool MB Brilliant 2013.03 and the supplier will allegation chargeless and add the FDOK calculator into the USB dongle of cool MB Brilliant 2013, sales ends at April 30, 2013. Afterwards the sales ends, the supplier will allegation 40usd to add FDOK calculator into cool MB brilliant USB dongle. And if you ambition to buy abandoned one FDOK keygen to account the FDOK/VeDoc encrypted accidental numbers, the amount is Adblue Emulator.

Free this picture, we can see Benz FDOK Calculator supports two artful types, XT and XN.

.XT (changing of NOx Torque Limit),

.XN (erasing emissions-relevant accountability codes in accutations of SCR bankrupt afterwards analysis system).

Then Let us apprentice added Adblue Emulator function, it admonition account FDOK/VeDoc encrypted accidental numbers for programming adequate ambit in DAS, and admonition abolish AdBlue in the truck.

The “free lunch” is now or never, let us go to chargeless download Benz FDOK calculator.


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