Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Key Programmer Review

Lonsdor new released Remote maker key programmer KH100. Lonsdor KH100 Built-in Super Sensor,no interference within 1m when collect data. It is basically cover all functions, Support Networking one-click update.
Lonsdor KH100 Functions Review:

1.Identify/copy/generate chip:

Multi-vendor chips supported
Especially Toyota 8A(H) chip Our predominance

2.Simulate Chip:

Able to simulate 4D/46/48 chips
With built-in super sensory data collector(no interference within 1 meter when collecting data)

3.Generate remote/smart key:

Dedicated connector to generate remote/smart key Online update supported
Remote generation diagram

4.Smart key generation diagram

5.Dedicated connector to generate remote key:PS2-7Pin OD3.5

Access control/remote frequency
One-click identify and copy IC/ID cards
Copy multi-vendor chops
Detect remote frequency bands with high accuracy
One click identify ID card,able to copy multi-vendor chps,at the back sensor area

6.Detect super frequency:

Detect multiple frequency brands with high accuracy

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