John Deere Service Advisor with Nexiq clone 90% Worked

FYI, John Deere Service Advisor 90% works with Nexiq China clone.

Topic 1: John deere SA possible with NEXIQ USB Link?

It is possible to install Professional Diagnostic Tools John Deere Service Advisor on your laptop, though the installation is really complicated. If you have a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, the easiest way is to restore the main partition from the image of my computers’ c: drive. And every time i change my laptop, i just restore it.

Win7 installed and fully updated. It takes hours.

The image will not work on XP, but SA works fine. My suggestion, buy used Lenovo T400 or T500. it’s more or less 250 EURO in Europe. Install windows 7 and then can put my image. Takes 10 minutes and u have SA working.

Topic 2: How to get Nexiq china worked?
I spent a month doing research on this and i managed my Heavy Duty Truck
Scan Tool Nexiq to work 90%. The thing is that Nexiq has only 2
channels while EDL has 3. The 3rd one is Powertrain and it is used very
seldom. E.g. I reprogrammed all the controllers on 6690 premium except
two, but found a way around it opening the pld file with pld editor and
changing Powertrain channel to Vehicle (channel 1). Lots of machines
don’t even have a 3rd Powetrain channel. Like all 5R; 6115R, 6125R,
7280R….. From my experience only the older machines have it and still
can be programmed most of the time. Programming controllers is easy, but
diagnostics is a bit annoying. Every time you establish the connection u
have to remove the USB plug and plug it again for the readings to
appear. Connection establishment is taking a long long time and you
never see the ECU. Only all the other controllers. So all the time
something doesn’t work. If you are prepared for this here is what you
have to do:

a) Rewire the the cables as shown in the picture in my post here:
I switched places channel 1 with channel 2 (see the pic) with my Chinese
version and now it works fine, probably it was possible to do it
adjusting the software settings as mentioned above, but i tried a lot,
and nothing helped. Now i can connect, tried with 6125R and 5070M. Works
fine!!! Except one very important thingy. After i establish the
connection, all the reading give the same meaningless number. Then, I
discovered accidentally, I pull out the USB cable, get the message
“Connection interrupted” I put it back in, get the message “Connection
resumed” and wuolla, all the readings show up immediately.

b) You don’t have to change the firmware. Both will work pretty much the same but with different issues.

P.S. For diagnostics only, there is a subprogram of SA that works
without any cable rewiring, it doesn’t have a Program Controller option,
and you still need to reinsert the usb after connection has been
established. You just need to select the right port (which is usually
1939ImplementAutoboud or 1939AppAutoboud depending on the machine) and
model. If you have SA, you will find the software at c:\Program
Files\Service ADVISOR\xvds\XJDET.exe

Just to let you know, after a year working like that, i bought
another EDL (recommended by a folk in the forum, much much much more
than the old one)

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