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How to solve the problem that GM MDI2 cannot connect to MDI-1

How to solve the problem that GM MDI2 cannot connect to MDI

I bought the GM MDI 2 package from last week. I installed the MDI Manager software along with the hard drive, but when I tried to connect the MDI device, it prompted me to restore the MDI software because the one is out of date. So when I try


GM MDI 2 Genuine and Clone Table Comparison

Look here: GM MDI 2 what’s the difference of the genuine and the china knock-off? compared with MDI 1, what’s good of MDI2? Should you buy a new one? Product GM MDI 2 (genuine) GM MDI 2 (clone) Photo Original Original from the dealer China clone off Price 1200 usd or so 229

How can I reflash the GM MDI2 clone firmware-2

How can I reflash the GM MDI2 clone firmware?

The reason why the GM MDI/MDI2 interface firmware is updated is because it is compatible with the latest original GDS2 software, and the latest v2020.12 Bosch software can only recognize it after the firmware update. Here we go for GM MDI Manager update procedure. Press and hold the power button

GM TCM transfer case programming coding with SPS TIS-6 (2)

GM TCM & transfer case programming/coding with SPS & TIS

Here is the Coding/Programming TCM and Transfer Case Tutorial for 2015 Chevrolet Suburban from MaxiFlash JVCI and Autel IM608 with PLC and Software Global TIS. Difference between Programming and Coding: 1)Flash Programming Install a new blank module in your vehicle from dealers Buy and download software to PC from manufacturers

How to install GM Tech2Win software for PLC-1 (2)

How to install GM Tech2Win software for PLC

This is a step by step guide where you can learn how to install for GM Tech2. Before doing that, you should guarantee you have already completed the registration and subscription requirements. Let’ s start at the AC delco TDS login screen, accept the terms and conditions scroll, click “accept”

GM MDI Program Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 Key via SPS-1 (2)

GM MDI Program Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 Key via SPS

Tutorial: GM key programming using GM scan tool and SPS (Service Programming System) online subscription. Model example: Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 (the procedure can be applied to other GMs) Tools needed: A GM scanner (GM MDI, GM MDI2, VXDIAG GM) GM Online SPS programming subscription Original remote and a new remote

GM MDI GM MDI 2 Interface Firmware Update Guide-1

GM MDI GM MDI 2 Port Firmware Update Guide

GM MDI and GM MDI 2 multiple diagnostic interface supports GM group vehicles till 2021, works with MDI software including global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win, provides dealer level diagnosis and programming for GM vehicles, can be used for SPS programming on existing and future SGM vehicles. Why need to update