Benz Sprinter MB STAR diagnosis PSM Offline SCN coding

Mercedes Benz SCN Coding must be performed if the Sprinter PSM (Parameterizable special module) had not been installed. SCN coding should be applied together with MB Star Diagnostic Tools system. PSM Coding can be achieved via both online and offline, here is the instruction of offline coding. Tool needed: MercedesBenz MB

Change MB SD C4 SDMedia language

Customer question: I have got the 2015.12V Dell HDD for MB SD Connect Compact 4, can i change the SD Media and price list language to German and how? Solution: MB Star C4 SD Media language can be changed to German,but price list language cannot be changed. To change SD

French 2015.07V Wifi BMW ICOM A2 Diagnostic and Programming Tool

2015.7 software version: ISTA-D: 3.49.30 ISTA-P: 55.4.000 VIN: 2015.05 Latest BMW ICOM Firmware version: Current package image version: 03.14.03 Current system image version: 01.25.02 Feature: ICOM A2 is equipped with WIFI and a router. ICOM A2 supports a new feature Intel Graphics adapter. Language available: ICOM A2 supports multi-language load diagnosis

How to use 2017.07 version BMW ICOM A2 ISTA for diagnostic car ?

BMW ICOM A2+B+C latest software version is 2017.07.   ISTA-D 4.05.32  ISTA-P 3.61.5    VIN: 2017.05   Now we show you how to use BMW icom A2 and ISTA D software ,check  all car module status and delete fault code history.  the operation steps is easy. steps 1:  connect your ICOM A2 main

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO Diagnostic Tool FAQs & Feedbacks

The MaxiDiag MD808 Pro is built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level. Loaded with oil service reset, battery registration and reset, parking brake pad relearn after replacement, steering angle sensor relearn and diesel particulate filter regeneration functions, MD808 Pro can access ALL available modules for the

How to use Autel MaxiDAS DS808 diagnose Mercedes-Benz successfully?

Let’s unpack and unbox the Autel MaxiDAS DS808 and see together what it will do out of box no registration, no update, no nothing. So let’s go ahead to plug the OBDII cable to the DS808 for the first time, Press the power button at the top, and you can slide