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The key features of the Launch X431 Pad

Here’s a quick break down of the key features of the X-431 PAD: One button functionality Open web browser with Google Wireless or Ethernet connection Windows 7 operating system 1.6GHz Intel? dual core processor 2GB RAM memory 16GB hard drive Bluetooth 2.1 and Wireless 802.11 b,g,n 7400mAh Lithium polymer battery

Are there any extra capabilities for the X431 Pad?

This innovative piece of kit is designed for professionals, and is made to be flexible to suit different diagnosticians’ needs PAD X-431 . Optional modules available for the Pad expand on its capabilities and include a four-channel oscilloscope with ignition analysis, a sensor tester and simulator, a battery test with

What is the Multi-Euro Networking System?

LAUNCH says that the GOLO allows shops to slow down attrition and increase the customer base by giving customers immediate access to the shop. The Launch X431 PAD is a completely wireless piece of equipment. It can connect to the internet and to the Launch server through a VPN, and it