MB SD Connect Compact 5 Error 95.53392.0 Solved

MB SD Connect Compact 5 is new released from MB Star company ,and its original version here

the copy version per my sale experience,can not compared with our mb sd c4,some other customers may not think alike,i just illustrate my own opinion ,the original version of course is super good,top-top

here is the problem i met when testing with my Benz :Error 95.53392.0

i contact the seller and they provide below solution:

1,double check the connection between laptop and car,seems the connection is not set ok
2,the software version is too low ,the newest version now is V2016.03
3,if above solution are still failed,suggest to use mb sd c4

i checked the software version is too old indeed and changed ,then it works ok

may be my next chose will be mb sd c4 as i used my friend’s c4 and works better i think

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