Activate MB SD Diagnostic Xentry (developer and normal)

How to activate MB Star Diagnostic Tools MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool Xentry software (developer version):

1. Download Xentry developer key file:
Password is:
2.Run Star Utilities.
3.Click “StartKey Manager” button.
4.Select Xentry Diagnostics application. Here we can get HW-ID,AppID, Start date and Finish date. Do not close the windows.
5.Run Xentry Developer which you have downloaded from above link. Enter the HW-ID, AppID, Start date and Finish date which had got from StarKey manager (HW-ID, AppID, Start date and Finish date must be as same as they are in StarKey manager), then click Generate.
6.Copy License String code, paste to StartKey, then save it.

How to activate MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool Xentry software (normal version):

1. Download Normal Xentry keygen rar.

2. When Xentry setup copies the files to:
F:\programma\xentry directory, you should open the directory F:\programme\xentry\bin

There are 4 files: userconfig.xml, userconfig.xml.ja, userconfig.xml.ko and userconfig.xml.zh.

Rename them during the copying of the files and the installation will continue fine.

3. Copy DLL: C:\windows\zak\starutils\commonlic.dll in the starutils folder.

4. Run Star Utilities and the Xentry keygen from the link above, generate StarKey then save the key.

5. Go to DAS DVD: stardiag\InDia_Frame and run setup.exe (for Das 2010, the folder name is: Xentry_frame.

6. Click setup then installation completed.

7. Replace 3 files /xentry06-new version/

F:\Programme\Xentry\bin\india\com.dcx.licencesupport.jar and F:\Programme\Xentry\bin\dlls\ CommonLic.dll and C:\windows\zak\starutils\commonlic.dll
8. Restart the computer.

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