CK100 has always been the hottest selling car key programmer on autonumen

ALL Auto Repair Software
ALL Auto Repair Software

The two main types of car repair software are used for diagnostics or for managing the front office. Diagnostic ALL Auto Repair Software can contain a wealth of knowledge, including repair procedures, troubleshooting instructions, known good values for sensors, and other invaluable information. This software is often available in separate foreign and domestic editions, and can also cover specific vehicle makes. Specialized car repair software is also available for advanced diagnostic tools, some of which can be fairly sophisticated computing devices. Front end software can include estimators, schedulers, and work order generators.

CK100 has always been the hottest selling car key programmer on autonumen until recently because a new tool named SKP900 key programmer made by SuperOBD hits shelves lately and soon catches locksmiths’ eyes. Many locksmiths who are going to buy an auto key programmer are lingering between them. Here are briefly 5 differences between the two tools.

Whether you are running an auto body shop or looking to have your vehicle serviced, the importance of auto repair shop software cannot be overlooked. Such software offers many advantages to both a shop’s customers and the car shop owner. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of auto repair shop software from both a customer and shop owner perspective.

There is one thing I think we need to look out for when purchasing MB STAR C3. That is I prefer MB Star C3 with internal hard drive to external hard drive, my reason are followed in the following parts.To minimize setup difficulties I recommend purchasing a MB Star kit which includes an internal hard drive with all software pre-installed. It will look like the attached photo. Someone on the forums recommended sticking with the older C3 multiplexer, and this seems reasonable to me.

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