How to Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

* Programming Control Unit

* Set Code Control unit

Control unit measures can be selected as follows:

* Click on the control unit under the tab “Control Unit Tree”

* Under the “TAB Edit Control unit”, either by direct selection or by clicking on the control unit.

Menu “Programming”

To execute the vehicle programming/setting code, do the following:

* Use ista/p to read vehicle data.

After you create a new dialog, display the tips for “dialog preparation”

* Follow the tips, record when necessary, confirm button “OK”

Show the dialog box “whether the control unit has been replaced”

* Confirm button “No”, exceptions see “replace (update) control unit”

Establish a connection with the vehicle:

The vehicle details are displayed after the specified associated environment has been successfully identified. Displayed under Menu “Programming”.

1 Menu “Programming”

2 Integration Level (actual), showing the vehicle’s current integration level

3 Open code status, used in vehicles or necessary opening code status

4 progress bar, showing the process of determining the action plan

5 final processing, showing ProgMan or ista/p version, through which the vehicle is finally processed.

6 Integration Level (factory), showing the integration level of vehicle production

7 Tab “Vehicle Details”

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