BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C with 2022.03V Software Plus EVG7 4GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC

1.Set the router below:
Username: ISAP
Password: 12345678

2.Connect the EVG7 to the router

3.Power on the BMW ICOM hardware and wait for the WLAN indicator to turn on

If you want to set the WIFI account and password of the ICOM NEXT hardware by yourself, please refer to the steps below.

1.Power on the device and connect it to the EVG7 through a network cable(LAN Cable)

2.Open the “IToolRadar” software

3.Record the current IP address of the device

4.Open the IE browser and enter the IP address you just recorded, and addition the end of the IP address “ :58000 ”

5.Enter WLAN Settings, enter the required account in the “SSID”,Enter the required password in the “Pre-shared Key”

6.Click “Save Changes”

7.Then restart the device to use

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