X431 V / X431 V+ / X431 PRO / X431 PRO3 FAQ

X431 V / X431 V+ / X431 PRO / X431 PRO3 FAQ:

1.X431 APP is deleted by mistake:

 X431 Tablet connect Wifi network, open the browser, enter into www.dbscar.com  to select the correct APP to download


2. X431 out of memory capacity alert after upgrades , could operate as following:

Method: click setting on the desktop of X431 main unit —-click storage—-find “format phone storage” and “format SD card storage” ,  then format the phone storage and format the SD card storage.  Then click setting of the main unit—-click “application”—-find “X-431 APP” and click in—-click clear data—- appear “delete application data”, click confimation.  After completed, back to the destop of the main unit, click the vehicle icon —-, enter your user name and password to upgrade again—-complete

3.When software upgrade is completed, but the hardware version of the DBSCAR connector’s is too low, would appear “firmware upgrade”: the upgrade requires the tablet power is at least more than 20%, and Bluetooth connector connected to the car, it would take about 10 minutes for the upgrade process. (Firmware upgrade is for testing more better)

4.lost the bluetooth dbscar connector and replace a new one: click setting on the desktop of the main unit—-click Bluetooth ”—-click on ” search ” Bluetooth ” —-discovery new Bluetooth ”982” as the beginning numbers and match it, when matching, it appears to  enter the password 0000 or 1234. After Bluetooth matched, followed by the 2nd and to the 3rd step.

5.restore factory settings method:

If customer changed a new password for his tablet, later he has forgotten his new password, then he would need to restore factory settings, setting method is as follows:


1). press together both the “volume +” and “power” buttons, it would appear engineering mode

2). Select “wipe data/factory reset” to enter into the restore factory settings (volume keys as move key, and power button as confirm key. )

3). Select “Yes” for ”delete all user data” to delete customer data

4). Select “reboot system now” to restart.


Restore factory settings, customers’ settings as before will be lost.

The X431 diagnosis APX would need to re-download, download address is: http://mycar.x431.com/pad/landingPageIndexX431Pro.action

The Vehicle Diagnostics software were not deleted, it remain in the “folder–mobile storage–X431”.

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