How to program and code with BMW ISTA P?

A Guidance for BMW Rheingold Software with BMW ISTA P and BMW ISTA D

BMW ISTA P stands for Integrated Service Technical Application Programming. It is dealer level diagnostic software that has replaced the older version of the SSS program programming software. The ISTA/P is primarily a work for OEM BMW coding and programming.
Before Programming – Tools and Systems required for BMW Programming

With the use of a K+DCAN, ENET cable, Enet WiFi adapter, ICOM Next A, therefore you’ll be able to diagnose, calibrate, read and delete memory errors, battery register, and code and program most your BMW vehicle modules.

The ISTA P should be work with an ICOM Next A interface. in addition, you will need to utilise ICOM Next A, ICOM B.
Moreover, you need to have the BMW ISTA software, like ISTA 4.34 or ISTA 4.35 the latest in 2022.
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How to program and code with BMW ISTA P-1

During the programming process

When programming with BMW ISTA P, how ever you need also to observe the following precautions:

• Always Follow u the system instructions and requests given in ISTA/P.

• Do NOT interrupt the connection between your vehicle, the workshop network, and the vehicle interface.
After any action initiated in the luggage compartment, always close the the boot lid to prevent overheating the luggage compartment lighting.
Special Notes for Programming

Programming with ISTA P is only possible with an ICOM and a 70+ amp rated Power Supply.


  • Programming access via the “Vehicle management” / “Software update” menu.
  • The planned actions initially produced in the “measures plan”. (The measures plan determination process after the vehicle test “Comfort” tab, or add it manually beforehand in the “Advanced” tab, after that it will calculate and execute accordingly).
  • The car can be programmed to the latest I level by using the comfort software update, without any further actions that based on the measures plan which has already been determined. Or alternative way, you can use BMW Esys to individual program each module if you know how.
  • It is not possible to select additional actions manually in this menu.
  • Automatically add Initialisations and follow-up operations during the measures plan calculation.

Special thanks to BMW Doctor for the amazing video guide. Below video guidance shows a walkthrough on “how to properly use ISTA/P to program and code your BMW vehicle”. Check it out on the video below:

If you wish some assistance in your BMW coding and programming, you can request for remote coding assistance from our team.

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