Warning : Stop Using BMW ISTA & ISTA P Software !!

Warning : Stop Using BMW ISTA & ISTA P Software !!

Welcome back to the channel everyone, so the title may have grabbed a lot of your attention, especially since most of you actually subscribed to me, and through the stuff about this program obviously you’ve seen the title and I’m telling you you don’t Need it again and stop using it. Now, if you have it, you don’t need to stop using it completely. You can keep doing what you’re doing, but I’m here to explain to you and tell you why the program isa no longer works in today’s society, and why you don’t need that program to diagnose your BMW anymore. What the hell get it done.

when I blow up now, everybody’s so unusual with it but said times in these rhymes cause these memories we running through new york, so you okay, so, as many of you guys know, bmw ista is the integrated service technical application. If many of you guys don’t know what easter is, it is the main dealer software that the dealers will use when you go in to bmw with your car now, what ended up happening is from the e-series they used to have impa in kfp, ncs expert and tool 32, which has to be for engineering software use only which would have been from in the factories, not I’m not meaning the factories, bmw dealerships, the factories where these cars were made. This is the tools they would use to write all the transcripts, all the coding and all the programming to these cars before they left. The factory isto was made for the main dealers to not make it so technical and so hard to understand, because impart ntsys, expert and wink fp is not very easy to understand, so they integrated it all into one. So the dealers couldn’t make any mistakes on customers. Cars and to make it obviously easy for them to understand now, as the years have gone on, they have actually integrated a lot more into ista. So now, on the s series, you can actually update and program your car using ista via the latest versions.

Only on the f series, if you have the e-series, however, you can program and update your car having to use mrp so what they end up doing is taking all the files from mrp and turn them into easter to create it into one system for obviously the dealers to understand.

Now the dealers don’t have no say in what happens with that car. They just click continue, continue, continue to programming, and then the car will do its thing on its own and they cannot stop it and cannot hinder it in any way shape or form unless they pull the connection from the car. That’s why the germans invented this star for their main dealers to use, so they can’t go wrong with it. Istha was also integrated for the main dealers to be able to read your services, to rewrite your service history and be able to see everything. That’s actually fitted to your car. You’ll know that mileage it will load up everything and it connects to a system worldwide. Many of you guys don’t know it’s the bmw server system, which is in germany in munich itself, which all the dealers are connected to via. That is the platform, so it’s all updated as a whole system as a whole worldwide, when the system goes down now the system constantly gets updates, vice versa, to the main dealers, but you guys with obviously it’s the version that we have to backwards, install and now they’ve finally made it. One click install you’ll, probably notice that you have to constantly update that constantly and that’s because the versions are constantly changing, always updating the user interface, adding more features for the newer and later bmw models. Your install will not just automatically update from the server as most want you to actually believe now. A lot of it is only related to the newer g series, cars and all the late.

Our bmws actually come out so you’ll have all the latest update files and program files and coding files for the estar, usually the ista platform itself, the actual software. They don’t ever change. It’s just the files for other cars that that one don’t have. For instance, when a new bmw actually comes out um you ain’t gonna be able to do any retrofits unless you have them programming and coding files. So, therefore, that’s why a lot of people do update their ester and a lot of people do update their e-system with the same files to be able to do retrofits now. A lot of you are probably asking me why I’m here this is so good. It can do your service functions. It can do everything you basically need on a bmw, but in today’s world, with everything being created, you look guys no longer need esta and when I say you no longer need istar. What I mean is, if many of you guys have seen I’ve done. Many scan tools on the channel and I just want to clear something up quickly before many of you start speculating, I’m not here to promote any scan tools. Okay, I’ve got them all. Yes, we all know that. Yes, I’ve done videos on all the scan tools. I’m not here to promote any scan tools, but after me doing all these scan tools, you guys would have seen all the functions most of the scan tools.

I’ve got can do everything else that can do so. Why are we trying so hard to find? Is that why are we trying so hard to have that, when it’s more of a headache than it’s worth for instance, on a normal scan tool, you can plug up your wireless bluetooth, adapter get straight on with it and the system’s absolutely brilliant. With this door, on the other hand, you’re going to need a dcan cable, your icom, you need to load up the laptop, have to run the risk of the battery dying, putting it on charge and taking a long time to actually load up and get all the information needed from the bm it’s a very, very long process now. The only thing I can say is really really good, for is if you want to do retrofits, and you need to look at the wiring or the pin numbers.

Obviously, where fuse goes to what and obviously calculating test plans now, the reason I calculate test plans is purely because, obviously, these cars are so complex that obviously, when full codes come up, if you calculate a test plan, it will tell you if they’re actually linked together or if they’re a separate problem, that’s actually happening, and it will tell you all the steps to go through. But, as many of you guys know, when you go on history and you go to calculate the test plan, you’ll be missing certain things that it requires to use visca an oscar lope and many other things to actually be able to determine what the actual current fault is, especially if it’s electronics now, with these other scan tools that you guys would have seen me use, I know many of you want to say to actually chinese and look I’m not here to promote any chinese scandal. Never will and I have not like I said if they are good, I will tell you they’re good and if they’re not worth fine I’ll tell you they’re, definitely not worth buying, but there is one scan tool that I really really do swear by and many of you guys would have seen it many times on my video me actually using it myself and it’s the one I always use now.

I no longer use my laptop and I no longer use ester and it’s purely because I have no need every function. Ista can do. I can do on this other scanner now.

The only things I can’t do is look up. The wiring diagrams and obviously, look up fuse numbers and calculate test plans, but where I’m smart enough with these cars already when the fault code comes up, I already know what the problem is actually going to be. So I don’t actually need to calculate a test plan, obviously for people that ain’t that tech savvy, they will need to calculate a test plan text to find the calls and esta in today’s society. Ain’t really needed and let’s be honest about it. Bmw wanted to try and drive us by pushing us away from that program, and I mean everybody not just me. They wanted to drive us as a whole to stop us getting that program instead of trying to remove as much as possible. So what did the chinese do? They developed their own software integrated their own stuff to make it legal that we can have all the functions we need to be able to diagnose these cars. Yes, it’s going to be more expensive than getting. Obviously your dodgy ista installed, but in the same sense, bmw, have no say over. You, bmw can’t fire a lawsuit against you for using a program. They can’t fire a lawsuit against you if you do something wrong on someone a customer’s car and it also stops garages because if many of you guys don’t know a lot of garages, pay 40 to 50 grand a year just to have access to that easter system. And it’s the p system, along with e-system as well, to be able to code and program. It is very, very expensive. Yes, you’ll get the garages that will have it dodgy in their back and not let nobody know, but there’s a lot of garages that do it. Legitly because they have to and they’ll be paying 40 to 50 grand a year to bmw, just to have that mainframe system to be able to sign in and be able to diagnose your car using this star because they don’t want to get caught using a dodgy one because they can be sued big time so they’re what I mean by it’s not viable for everybody. Yes, we can get a way of using it, but garages certainly can’t because, if they’re caught doing that, they will be in big big trouble.

So, therefore, that’s why I recommend most people go out and buy a proper scan tool because there is no need for ista anymore, and I do really mean that and the scans one but show you can do a lot more than this start. A lot of you guys message me all the time asking for cloning key programming and obviously immobilizer how to get rid of your mobilizer code and actually how to repair them. Well, this scan tool can actually do it.

All- and many of you probably won’t even be aware of this, because they’ve only just bring this out and they’re, bringing more and more and more features that soon you’ll be able to do everything on this one device without the need of ever using ista or a laptop anymore, so many of you know about the autofix, I’ve told many of you guys about it and I link it in a lot of my videos. This has become my number one go-to scan tool, and I’m not lying about that. This is the scan tool that sits by my desk that sits in my car. It comes with me everywhere. The battery on this lasts so long I ain’t ever charged it since I’ve had it. The adapter is so nice and just portable just easy to plug up and get my codes easily. I carry this all the time, my 60s and my x5. I don’t need it in my m135, because I have the jb4 that already reads the codes. Now, if I do need something that’s going to dive deeper, I will go to this now. If any of you guys don’t know about otafix, let me just open it up and show you so, as you can see in here, that’s the other fx scan tool.

Now, if any of you guys don’t know, offix have just released the im1. If many of you guys don’t know what that is and I’ll link it in my description below in the comments, if you guys go and check it out, the im1 is a device that connects onto the gotofix to be able to program keys. Do your mobilizers? Do your cases do your fem, your bdm and your frm? It can do it a lot they’ve just released that for otofix. Now, if many of you guys don’t know the software integrated on the yoyofix is autel. The otofix is actually developed in germany, it’s actually a german device and it’s basically made in germany the device itself. A lot of german garages are already using this, but obviously the software that’s integrated is all tell now. I think the update yearly is around 250 pounds a year, which is really really worth it for what they’re bringing if any of you guys want to know more about what they’re going to be bringing to otofix just go and have a look at the autel im608. It’s a very, very expensive, scan tool, it’s about three and a half thousand pound and I’m just waiting for my one to come because of something I need. I need to have all of them and that can do it all. When you see what that tool is actually capable of, many of you won’t even consider using easter any more I get a lot of you ask me can is to do keys. Can use to do this can is to do that. The answer is, no, it can add key block a key, but it cannot make a new key this can ofx can do that if you have more money than that and you are a shop, my best advice is go for the autel im60a, so the all-tail im608 is a big big bundle, like many of you guys would have seen on my mk908.

It comes with your j2534 and it also comes with a big programmer being able to do frm keys, clone ecu’s everything you want to be able to do all in that one system and that’s not a joke again I’ll link it down below. So you guys can check it out. The all tell im 608 is a complete game. Changer take my word about it. Many of you guys won’t even know about it yet because a lot of you ain’t up to date on the latest programmers. This is something I’m very very up to date on and this one I’m telling you the future for istar is slim. It’s no longer going to be needed. Bmw wanted to restrict us from all this. All tell oh effects are open in the world to be able to. Let us do it all without limits you’re asking if this can program and code, not at the moment, this is going to be able to program and code in four months from what they told me. They’re still developing it, but this is going to be able to do all your programming and coding for all cars on my ad that you see available on here now.

This can only do obviously all your basic cars. There was other scan tools. I’ve actually shown you, and if you do do trucks bikes boats, then a tools will be for you, but do bear in mind. Their yearly update fee is very, very expensive that runs to around 750 a year, yes a year, but it can do it all.

So is it worth the price I’ll leave you guys to actually consider that, but, as I said, my go-to scan tool, is this autofit, it’s absolutely brilliant. It does everything I need and the devices they’re actually bringing out to go along with this. Bearing in mind they run alongside autel, so auto has partnered with them, so ofx are going to end up changing the game alone because of the fact they work in partnership with voltel auto, actually shaping the future of scan tools and oh fixes partner with them, so overfix is going to end up changing the future. Also, I can tell you, hopefully one thing: this company of x going to be around for a very very long time, and let me tell you I’m mentioning them now, but trust me by next year, you’re going to be seeing this company come around a lot and you’re going to start recognizing who they are just bear in mind.

I was the first one to do this scan tool. I was the first one they sent it to, but you’re going to be seeing a lot of garages. A lot of people turned this. I’ve told you before this is small compact, yet very, very powerful and easy to put away even with the im1, the adapter that comes with the programmer fits nicely in this little box, and you would never know exactly how powerful this can actually be. If you took this out, your car people would laugh at you and think because it ain’t in a big case. Yeah ain’t gonna be able to do nothing but I assure you not: this scan tool is very, very powerful and everything you can do on this star block. Add a key. You can do on this. Every service function. You can do in this start. You can do on this. Just remember. This has the whole autel software integrated. So therefore every function you can do. Yes, it reads: every module. Yes, it’s bi-directional and everything you guys ask me: can it do it can do and it’s coming later on as well. Programming and coding is coming in four months from then. The im1, which is the key programmer, is already out alongside with this, and they are bringing out the next programmer to be able to do a lot of other features which I’m waiting for details from them. To confirm, but I will link this in the description below and I’ll, also link to all tell im608 for many of you guys to go and check out as well, and a lot of you will probably be impressed with what that can actually do. But I’m sorry to say guys: the the world for esta is actually going dead now and it’s going very, very slim. It is really really no longer needed, as I said to you, bmw wanted to drive people away from it. They have done that and now autel is now taking over the market and releasing all products legally to us to be able to buy pay a license fee and use and be able to do everything that bmw have been trying to stop us doing.

So. I hope this video is actually going to help a lot of you guys understand why esther is no longer needed, and why spend your money elsewhere, because the way I see it esther isn’t going to be around for long and trust me guys. I know it won’t. Be long before bmw actually bring a lawsuit in in the uk, the eu, the us to have us, stop using it and try and clamp down on people actually using this software. They don’t want this software public because of what it’s doing, it’s obviously to driving money away from them, driving money away from their dealers and obviously helping us maintain our cars, and they don’t want that. Therefore, that’s why now I’ve opted to use this over fix, I found a scan tool. I really really do like, but I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t like my autel mk90. I love my hotel systems, but the reason I’ve gone to the other fix is purely because it’s tiny and it’s so so usable like the screen size is just the perfect size you want.

Everything is just so nice and the autel is a big piece of kit to carry around in a big case, and that’s why I don’t really use it. But yotafix is my must-have scan tool, especially of 2020 and 2021. That will be the scan to what I truly truly recommend to all you guys. So thank you very much for watching guys. It’s bmw, dr dean here, and I hope this video clears up everything that you guys need to know. Thank you very much.


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