What is different between Cummins Inline 7 and Nexiq USB Link 2

So many friends wonder what is different betweeCummins INLINE 7n  and NEXIQ USB Link 2. Let me share some users’ experience as following:

1:Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter Cummins Truck Diagnostic Tool with Cummins Insite 8.5/8.7 Software

Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter has a faster processor, more robust algorithms, larger memory buffers and more sophisticated filtering than previous models while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data channels. INLINE 7 supports USB, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies in a single device.

2: NEXIQ 2 USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool With All Adapters

NEXIQ 2 Support Heavy-Duty, Light-and Medium-Duty Trucks, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT like (Wheel loader, Articulated Hauler and Excavator), Genset.

Cummins 7 is built by Nexiq for Cummins. and the Cummins have both Bluetooth and wifi and slightly faster even when looks same. the Nexiq 2 just have the Bluetooth you can choose.

Nexiq 2 have more protocols than Cummins 7,for example the Cummins 7 doesn’t work with Hini ,Toyota, Isuzu.

Cummins 7 for everything from ddct to Jpro and N14,from old to new works great for programming real fast,sometimes Cummins only like Cummins adapters, like N14 m11 570 .

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